Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo flays attack on civil society

LAHORE: The PPP has condemned the act of vandalism by some fanatics against the civil society members who had gathered at Liberty Chowk to pay homage to slain governor Salman Taseer on his death anniversary.
“The criminal assault on the peaceful gathering of civil society members demonstrated the creeping malaise of religious extremism and intolerance that afflicted our country today. The PPP denounces it in the strongest possible terms,” Senator Farhatullah Babar, spokesperson for former president Asif Ali Zardari, said here on Monday.
He said the culprits should be brought to justice.
“The PPP rejects religious extremism and militancy in the name of religion which is threatening the state and society and is determined to resist the fanatics and extremists,” he said, adding the PPP had always paid homage to Taseer for his courage to say an emphatic no to bigotry and fanaticism.
He said Taseer embraced martyrdom but refused to concede to the self-appointed custodians of religion.
“The memory of Salman Taseer will continue to be honoured even in distant age and clime by all those men and women who believe in humanity and tolerance and reject bigotry. The arrest and punishment to the culprits is a test case for the government to demonstrate that it really means to take the bull of extremism by the horns.”
He said failure to do so would only show that the regime was running with the hare and hunting with hound.
PPP Punjab President Manzoor Wattoo also condemned the religious extremists for attacking civil society members and media persons and demanded that the government take stern action against the culprits.

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