Investigate polls rigging allegations on priority, Mian Manzoor Wattoo tells govt

LAHORE – President PPP’s central Punjab Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has called upon the government to desist from doing politics on the prevailing exemplary national unity and reciprocate by accepting the demand of the PTI regarding the establishment of Judicial Commission to investigate the polls rigging allegations.
“This demand is now national demand as PPP is also victim of the rigging”, he observed in a statement.
Wattoo alleged that government did not seem to be serious to investigate charges of rigging in May 2013 elections. The government, he said, should not destroy the unprecedented unity demonstrated by the entire political leadership to terminate terrorists from the country.
He also castigated the Punjab government for what he called its flawed development strategy devoid of regional narrative.
He alleged that more than 50 per cent of development funds of the province were being spent on the 8 per cent population of Lahore while leaving rest of 92 per cent population of the province high and dry with terrible feelings of economic deprivation.
He urged the government to stop this monkey business in the distribution of the financial resources of the province and announce the Provincial Finance Commission Award responsible for equitable distribution of development funds among all the districts.
He further said that the distribution of such funds should not take place on the political considerations but according to the constituencies of National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies.
Source: The News

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