‘Politicians should not increase assets in office’

PRESIDENT Punjab PPP Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo said there was no bar to increase the legitimate assets by politicians when they were not holding the public office.
The prime minister and other holders of the public offices should also declare their own and immediate family members’ assets in the foreign countries, he said this while talking to the media on Friday.
He pointed out that prime minister or other cabinet members should not engage themselves in the business propositions for personal gains due to the conflict of interests adding this was the established practice in the developed democracies.
He called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan to seek details of assets from the potential parliamentarians as written by him in his biography (Jurm-e-Siyasat) on page 367. The furnishing of details of assets by the parliamentarians will curb the temptation of amassing money, he observed. It will change the political landscape of the country in favour of the common people, he predicted.
He said he had mentioned the details of his assets in the book, consisting inherited property and also the details of the property, moveable and immoveable, after holding the official positions beginning from district chairman to the chief minister of Punjab and federal minister. He added that he had also mentioned under oath that there was no property of any worth of him or his immediate family members in the foreign countries.
He stated that details of his and his family member’s assets were comprehensively given in his book explaining both increase and decrease of assets from 1985 to 2013 during which he was holding various official positions and was also member of the provincial and national assembly.
Source: The News

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