Asif Ali Zardari announce public meetings across Punjab after improvement of weather

LAHORE – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Zardari has announced that he would hold party meeting throughout Punjab with improvement of weather and formal scheduled would be announced.
Addressing party’s districts presidents at Bilawal House here on Sunday, he said that they are against confrontation between institutions and the military courts are being established for security and sovereignty of Pakistan and elimination of the terrorism. He made it clear that the military courts would not try cases of politicians. He said that through 21st constitutional amendment they have saved the future of coming generations from terrorism. He said that the government and the opposition will have to work through cooperation to end terrorism. He said that taking oath from Musharraf was part of reconciliation policy of the PPP and they promoted trust and confidence between politicians and the institutions.
He said that it is time to take decisions through farsightedness rather than incitements. He said that the PPP has always confronted dictatorship and they take decisions in the interest of Pakistan and not for reaching to the corridors of power. He directed the party district presidents to start organisational work at union council level. On this occasion, PPP districts presidents asked Zardari to hold big meetings to reactivate the party workers. They said that the PPP has not weakened and was following the mission of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Zardari said that military courts are for preserving the security of Pakistan, constitutional amendment save coming generations from terrorism, announces to hold public meetings in Punjab after improvement of weather.
Source: Daily Times

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