PPP submits motion against petrol shortage in NA

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Monday has submitted motion in the National Assembly against the countrywide petrol shortage.
According to the details, the motion submitted by PPP maintains a stance that the petrol shortage in the country reflects the inefficiency of the government. It further states that it is the inefficiency of the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Water and Power and Ministry of Finance. PPP urged all three ministries to submit their replies in the National Assembly.
Moreover, the motion states that the petroleum prices in the international market lowered up to $50 per barrel. It demands the ministries to explain the ratio with which petrol prices have been reduced in the country in accordance with the international market prices.
The motion was signed by Nafeesa Shah, Shazia Murree, Naveed Qamar and others.
Source: Dunya News

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