Opposition parties decide to raise petrol crisis issue in NA

ISALAMABAD (Dunya news) – The parliamentary leaders of opposition parties on Monday have decided to raise the issue of petrol crisis in the National Assembly. Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) opposition leader Khurshid Shah approved mediation between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the government on this occasion.

According to the details, the meeting of parliamentary leaders of opposition parties in the National Assembly was presided over by Khurshid Shah. The meeting was attended by G.G Jamal, Sahabzada Tariqullah, Naveed Qamar and Abdul Rasheed Godail. The issue of petrol crisis and the unannounced load shedding in the country was discussed in the meeting.

Khursheed Shah during an informal talk with the media, said that they will question the government in the Assembly regarding the petrol crisis. They will ask the government why steps to prevent the crisis were not taken. He stated that the government is getting Rs. 80 billion in relation to the 27% tax on petroleum. 10% levy is also giving Rs. 30 billion.

Shah stated that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has contacted the government indirectly for mediation. He said if PTI does that directly he is ready for mediation. He also said that the Shikarpur blast looks like a local issue.
Source: Dunya News

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