PPP to observe Kashmir Day to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people: Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo‏

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President PPP Central Punjab, has made Dewan Mohyuddin, Deputy Secretary General of PPP, in-charge of making arrangements befitting the occasion to observe the Kashmir Day this year falling on 5th of February.

He has also given instructions to the district Presidents of the Central Punjab to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir by holding functions, seminars and bringing out rallies in the respective districts on the Day.

According to the programme, Azadi Camp will be set up in front of the Punjab Assembly Hall, Lahore, where the PPP leadership would be present the whole day during which Azadi songs and speeches would be delivered in support of the just struggle of the Kashmiri people against the occupation of India.

It may be recalled that Shaheed Zilfiqar Ali Bhutto declared 5th 0f February each year as the Kashmir Day to highlight the cause of the inalienable rights to the Kashmiri people denied by India despite the UN resolution and the commitment of India to hold plebiscite. On this day, Kashmiri along with Pakistanis make the international community known of the atrocities inflicted on the people with the reminder to hold plebiscite, he added.

Founder of the PPP Zilfiqar Ali Bhutto, according to the Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, played a decisive role to include the Hurriyat Conference in the fold of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) as the sole representatives of the Kashmiri people.

He said that the cause of Kashmiri people had always been focus of the Party and its leadership both at domestic and international level and steadfastly projected the cause of Azadi of the Kashmiri people.

He observed that the Indian persecution and suppression had failed to extinguish the flame of Azadi from the hearts of the Kashmiri people instead their resolve to get their inalienable rights to determine their own future further strengthened.

He said that the recent elections held in the Valley had made it abundantly clear that elections could not be substitute of Azadi. They would not accept the Indian occupation and the imposition of Governor Rule there clearly manifested their rejection.

He said that the PPP was committed to extend moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir and their support would continue till the solution of the Kashmir issue that was acceptable to them.

He added that the PPP and its workers were totally committed to the cause of the Kashmiri people as a legacy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and would continue the struggle till the realization of their right to determine their political future.

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