PPP Punjab S Media hold a protest against Shikarpur tragedy and sectarian Killings


Pakistan peoples Party S Media Punjab on Tuesday held a protest demonstration and lit clay lamps outside Lahore Press Club to condemn the barbaric attack inside an imambargah in Shikarpur that killed at least 61 people including children during Friday prayers.

Head S Media Ms Jahanara M Wattoo led the protest while other representatives of Peoples Youth Organization (PYO), Peoples Students Federation (PSF), Ulma Masikh Wing, Human Rights Wing and civil society were also present there.

Addressing the protesters, Ms Jahanara M Wattoo said that there was no option except to battle terrorism in the country, and the only party standing against terrorism was the PPP with clear-cut stance.

She said this dastardly and inhuman attack on innocent citizens during Friday prayers expose the real face of terrorists, it was a barbarity that cannot be surpassed.

She maintained that it was time to get united against terrorism and defeat this evil, otherwise they will continue killing our innocent citizens while they pray.

The participants were carrying banners and placards bearing inscriptions “Say No to Terrorism”, “Stay United Against Terrorism”, “Raise Your Voice Against Terrorism”, and “Dehshat Gardo Ka Jo Yar Hai Ghdar Hai Ghdar Hai”.

The protesters chanted slogans condemning the terrorist attack on Shikarpur imambargah and criticised the Federal government’s polices towards terrorism and religious extremism.

The participants also chanted slogans against terrorists.

Sohail Malik, Vice President Punjab, Barrister Amir Hassan,Spokesperson PPP Lahore, Allama Yousaf Awan President Ulama Masikh Wing Punjab, Mirza Awais Baig, Abdulah Malik, Junaid Qaiser, Ali Asghar Awan, Mujtaba Subhani and Zeeshan Baig Shami, Madiha Naqvi, Sariya Rana, Noreen Saleem, Rahila Zareen also spoke on the occasion and condemned the barbaric attack.

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PPP Punjab S Media hold a protest against Shikarpur tragedy and sectarian Killings” ایک تبصرہ

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