Government determined to hold fair‚ free and transparent elections: Qamar Zaman #Kaira

Information Minister says the economy of the country has significantly improved and stabilized

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has said the PPP Government will hold fair‚ free and transparent elections in the country and no one would be let to derail the democratic system.
He was addressing the ceremony of Press Club in Sheikhupura on Friday.
He dispelled the impression of postponement of the elections and made it clear the PPP is determined to hold election on prescribed time and the election would not be delayed for a single day.
He said that when‚ the PPP assumed the government in 2008‚ the country was facing acute shortage of wheat and energy and the economy was very feeble.
He said that despite of global recession‚ the economy of the country has significantly improved and stabilized.
The Minister said the PPP government restored the constitution in its original form and strengthened democracy in the country.
He said the government strengthened the state institutions as the survival of the country is linked with the strong institutions.
The Information Minister said all legislations in Parliament is done with consultation of all parties.
The Minister said the PPP-led Government has promoted the politics of reconciliation and tolerance and there is no political pressure in the country at present.
He said the media is free and independent and the PPP government did not put any restriction on the media and the Government bears the criticism of the media.
He paid rich tribute to the services and struggle of the journalists for highlighting the problems being faced by the masses and applauded the dynamic role of media and journalists for the mitigating people’s sufferings.
Meanwhile‚ the Information Minister has stated in categorical terms that dissolution of the election commission is not constitutionally possible.
Talking to media in Islamabad‚ he said the same was conveyed during talks with Tahirul Qadri in Islamabad and Lahore.
To a question‚ he ruled out delay in general elections.
Source: Radio Pakistan

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