Tanvir Ashraf Kaira criticizes Punjab Govt for paramedics policy

LAHORE: Secretary General PPP Central Punjab Tanvir Ashraf Kaira said Punjab Chief Minister’s tall claim of filling all the vacant posts of doctors and paramedics in all government hospitals at the district and Tehsil level by March this year will surely meet the same ironic fate as his misplaced commitment to control load shedding of electricity in months than years.

He reminded him that he also promised to provide free medicines in the emergency wards of the hospitals located in the province in the past but the deserted looks of this department in the hospitals speaks volumes of the abject apathy.
There is no money to purchase fuel to run generators supplied to the hospitals and therefore the Emergency wards in the hospitals are misnomer and notional in the real sense of the word, he added.

He said that the reported promises of the Chief Minister to fully equip the hospitals with equipment bandits stocks filled with medicines by July this year would also prove another hoax because his rose-petals announcements dishing out through the media were rarely preceded by the matching follow up actions, and as such no improvement in the delivery of services to the people. Time will prove the veracity of this assertion, he added. He pointed out that a score of children died in Sargodha hospital recently simply because there were no medicines for the treatment of the children. That unpardonable negligence is totally on the shoulders of the top leadership of the Punjab government, he maintained.

He criticized the Chief Minister for getting the placement of sustained and imposing publicity advertisements in the media at the tax payers’ money that might bring smile on the face of him or his toadies and flunkies at the expense of the people of this province whose predicaments had compounded during the watch of this government. His inclination of playing to the gallery has no parallel despite its negative fall out, he observed. The pathetic conditions of government health and education sectors along with terrifying law and order situation in Punjab have inflicted the fear of acute sense of insecurity among the people as their lives and properties are terribly unsafe adding the lacklustre response to the situation was appalling, he observed.

He expressed the resolve of the PPP to continue to expose the lethargy and inertia of the Punjab government with the intention of whipping it to improve its governance before the people come out the streets protesting with banners “ go Shahbaz go’ also.

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