People do not take tall promises of government seriously any more, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo‏

People are no more customer of rose petal projection of the government’s tall claims like ‘ river of gold flowing underneath Rajoia, Chinot,’in the wake of its credibility hurt bitterly after its failure to control load shedding in months, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Central Punjab PPP in a statement issued from here today.

He was commenting on the discovery of ore and copper near Chinot adding that the leaders went to the extent of exaggerating the size and the nature of the discovery that was really grossly pre-mature.Misplaced and unsubstantiated hopes like ‘game-changer’ prove counter-productive with lamentable consequences in the final analysis, he observed.

He said that it was better to tell the truth to the people than telling them pleasant lies adding the Chief Minister of Punjab should jettison his habit of playing to the gallery keeping in view the irrefutable veracity of the narrative of the diminishing return.

He said that he intended to invite the leaders of the government during the summer season to replicate their way of beating the scorching heat with the hand made fans at Minar-i- Pakistan since almost two years of his government were about to pass and the state of affairs was much worst than the PPP government.

People have formed their considered opinion of the government stemming from the maladies they had been undergoing through since it assumed the reign of the province. The worsening law and order situation has made the lives of the people miserable and they are suffering from the acute sense of insecurity, he stated.

He further stated that the anti-farmers policy of the government were hurting the growers of rice, sugarcane and the potatoes the most who were forced to sell their produces at throw away prices in the absence of the government intervention to save the farmers from the jaws of the market forces controlled by middle man.

He demanded that the government should make payments to the rice growers as per the promise adding inordinate delay in this regard was unforgiving because the farmers were facing the economic genocide situation at present.

He said that the PPP governments had always looked after the community well during its tenures. He reminded that the PPP previous government increased the support price of wheat substantially and the country became wheat exporting country than the wheat importing country during the first year of the government.

He warned that the government the PPP would be compelled to join the farmers’ organizations to protest the tyrannical policies of the government because the Party could not afford to put farmers interests in the periphery because agriculture was the backbone of the country’s economy. It is a big source of foreign exchange earrings and also provide livelihood to the more than two thirds population of the country, he added.

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