There are no good Taliban or bad Taliban: Says Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo

There is no difference between good Taliban and bad Taliban because they are neither Muslim nor Pakistani, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo while talking to a delegation of students of a local University that called on him here today at the Party Secretariat. The nation is united to defeat the evil and will definately succeed adding that Zarb-e-Azab military operation against terrorists was underway and whole nation is standing behind the army in the fight against extremism and terrorism.
He expressed his grave concern over the surge of sectarian violence who were made target in the mosques,, imambarghas, travelling, shrines etc in the country.
He said that the so called scholars indulge in hate speeches and incite the innocent people to violence that kill the fellow Muslims of other school of thoughts. It is not condoned by our religion that clearly describes the murder of a human being as the murder of whole humanity.
He observed that overwhelming majority of the religious scholars were against the wrong interpretation of the religion because Islam stood peace, security and tolerance adding the element of extremism in our religion had been incorporated by those Mullhas who wanted to remain relevant by hook or crook.
He said that all those who had left the country due to the fear should come back to Pakistan because we as a nation had to fight out the menace to secure the future of our generations so that they could live in peace and harmony and progress in all walks of national life.
He said that sectarian killing was deliberate and being unleashed on the behest of the enemies of the country. He said that the founder of the nation made it abundantly clear that in Pakistan all citizens will enjoy equal rights regardless of creed, faith, gender and ethnicity.
He stated that the government was not doing enough as per the mandate given by the political parties in Peshawar because the proscribed organization were holding rallies in the cities without fear of any legal consequences and indeed challenging the writ of the government.
He further said that these organizations have established their safe havens in all parts of the country but the government was looking other way in the face of their carrying out their illegal activities with impunity and the government looked like lying supine in front of them.
He said that the government should take them head on with political will as he enforced the laws during his chief ministership leading to total ban on display of arms, use of loud speaker confined to Khutba and Azan, no wall chalking in the whole province and the proscribed organizations were controlled successfully and indiscriminately.
While responding to a question, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, said that the government should seek international assistance to erect fence on the western boarder to secure it like India had done along Pakistani border to control Skihs insurgents in the past.
To another question, he said that the nation was bound to succeed against the scourge because the nation was united and the military leadership was focused and engaged in military operation, Zarb-e-Azab. He paid rich tributes to Army Chief who was wholeheartedly spearheading the fight against terrorism as per national consensus.
While answering to another question regarding the international conspiracy to destabilize the country, he said that we need to strengthen the internal front of the country that would ward off all such conspiracies without fail. Adversaries only take advantage out of the weakness of the countries, he observed.
To another question, he said that Afghan Refugees should go back to their home country sooner than later and the government should facilitate their early return with honor and dignity.

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