Baba Haider Zaman Calls on Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo to seek support for Hazara Sooba‏

Baba Haider Zaman, Chief of Tahreek-i- Hazara Sooba, called on Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo. President PPP Central Punjab, yesterday in the late evening at his residence and sought his support for the Hazara Sooba.

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo said that the PPP was in favour of more provinces in Pakistan and it was in pursuance of the same policy that it spearheaded the campaign for the carving out new province of South Punjab, Sariki Province, as a measure of addressing the political and economic deprivation of the people of the region. It is the only solution of the problems, difficulties and sufferings of the people of the areas, he asserted.

He said that he was personally in favour of granting the status of province to Hazara because it was the long standing demand of the people and majority of the parliamentarians across the political divide hailing from Hazara also supported it.

He added that the PPP secured the passage of unanimous resolution from the Punjab Assembly for the creation of South Punjab as the new province of the federation. The resolution was also passed by the National Assembly and the Senate but this government had taken no action in that direction so far because it did not want the economic and political alienation of the people of the South Punjab to be addressed.

He lamented this government’s discriminatory treatment to the South Punjab in particular in the utilization of the development funds which were transferred to other projects after announcement in the budget with much fanfare.

He said it was height of dishonesty of the Punjab Government that the development funds of the far flung areas and local bodies reflected in the budget were invariably transferred to complete the Metro Bus Project in Lahore. The pathetic state affairs of the roads, education, health and infra structure in those areas optimized the government’s apathy and tyrannical governance.

He observed that the creation of the new provinces in Pakistan would ensure the equitable distribution of national and Provencal financial resources to undertake development works devoted to the well being of the people of the areas.
He reiterated that the PPP would continue to support the rights of the people of the neglected areas adding it was its considered views that creation of new federating units in the federation was the ultimate solution as per their aspirations.

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