Success of NAP depends on improvement in Pak-Afghan relations: Senator Farhatullah Babar

Islamabad Feb 18, 2015: The NAP will not succeed as long as the widening mistrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan is bridged and the two countries meaningfully and sincerely cooperated with each other and in this regard our security establishment has to do much more than what has been done.

This has been stated by Senator Farhatullah Babar while taking part in a seminar the National Action Plan in a local hotel in Islamabad today.

He said that unfortunately Pakistan had not responded adequately to three clear signals from President Ashraf Ghani to bridge the gap. These signals from President Ghani he said were; rejection of weapons offer to Afghanistan by New Delhi, sending Afghan cadets for training in PMA Kakul and the setting up of Special Economic Zone in Afghanistan for the exclusive use of Pakistani entrepreneurs. These are huge confidence building measures taken by Afghanistan which must be reciprocated by Pakistan if we really want to improve the ties and overcome decades of mistrust for the success of NAP, he said.

If we fail in it we will risk the alienation and political isolation of Ashraf Ghani in his own country resulting in a new bout of civil strife in that country with grim consequences for Pakistan, he said.

Secondly, we should implement in letter and spirit the provision in the ANP not to permit banned militant organizations from resurrecting under different names behind he façade of charities. There are several questions in this regard that need to be answered.

Thirdly, he said, mainstreaming tribal areas has been hampered by an archaic strategic thinking that reforms in tribal areas and empowering its people should follow, not precede, the rooting out of militants in the area. We must revisit this notion and admit that security in FATA will be enhanced, not undermined, by political reforms in the area, he said.

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