PPP warns govt against rigging in GB polls

ISLAMABAD: Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah on Wednesday warned the government against rigging in the upcoming polls in Gilgit-Baltistan saying that such an act would lead to new crisis in the country.

Talking to media on Wednesday Shah showed astonishment over the conduct of PML-N government to create new controversies in the country. “It is beyond my comprehension why this government is bent upon inviting new troubles for itself”, he remarked when he talked about the elections in GB. Apart from PPP, other political forces particularly Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also objected to the actions of government viz-a-viz GB after Federal Minister Kashmir and GB affairs was appointed governor of the region.

Opposition leader pointed out that seven out of ten caretaker ministers in the GB government are loyalists of PML-N whereas the party also appointed one of its workers as Chief Election Commissioner of the region. “Prime Minister should distance his party from such issues in GB”, he warned and cautioned about new crisis in the country if rigging wad committed in the region’s elections. Shah said that allegations of rigging in the last general polls leveled by PTI still haunt the government and it appears to commit the same in the elections in GB.

He also objected to appointment of a federal minister as new Governor GB and termed it a pre-poll rigging in the elections. PPP leader said that government’s conduct is creating troubles for it which is intentionally doing all this wrongdoing. “One day government slapped additional taxes that burden the masses and the other day reports emerged about the change in the original plan of Pak-China Economic Corridor”, Shah listing the various issues noted. When asked about resolution of problems confronting the country, Opposition leader reiterated its stance that constitutional tenure of government from five to four years can resolve majority problems. Shah was hopeful about the restoration of negotiations between PML-N government and PTI and said that both sides might reach on an agreement regarding formation of judicial commission.

Source: Daily Times

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