Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo for de-politicization of Police‏

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President PPP Central Punjab, has urged the de-politicization of the Police of all the provinces adding it was the only solution of controlling and eventually eliminating heinous crimes in the country. The acute sense of insecurity among the people was increasing instead of decreasing with every passing day that also reflects poorly on the provincial governments indiscriminately.
This he said in a statement issued from here today in which he welcomed the Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif’s advice in this regard during the law and order situation meeting in Karachi recently which was presided over by the Prime Minister and also attended by Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari.
He further said that the de-politicization of the police should be implemented by the respective provincial governments because outsourcing this important task to Apex Committee would be against the constitution that put the total responsibility on the provincial governments for the maintenance of the law and order focused to ensure the safety and security of life and property of the citizens.
He expressed his deep sense of shock and grief over the burglary at the farm house of Mr. Wasim Sajjad in Islamabad in which the family suffered deep agony and torture besides losing crores of rupees valuables and cash. The incident clearly manifests the gravity of the situation in the federal capital as well.
He said that the positing and transfers of the police officers should be done on the basis of merit and merit only then they should be given time to deliver adding if the Police officers failed to deliver they should be proceeded against instead of merely transferring them. The mechanism of punishment and reward should be strictly implemented in the Police department because the lives and properties of the citizenry are at stake, he added.
He advocated that the pay and perks of the Police Department officers should be considerably enhanced on the pattern of Motor Way Police adding it would take care of the massive corruption that had encircled it like an albatross affecting its efficiency to the core.
He also rejected the interference of the Politicians, MNAs and MPAs in the posting and transfers of the police officers apparently fueled with the intention to assert their authority in the constituencies they belonged to and also to intimidate the political opponents. He observed that the political dynamics had changed and they should strive for espousing the cause of rule of law instead adding for this they must abandon the habit of interfering in the police department.
He warned that the incidents of the mob justice right across the country clearly indicated that the people were frustrated from the governments and the moth eaten justice system as the conviction rate was abjectly low and the criminals get scott free to resume their criminal activities again.

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