Tanvir Ashraf Kaira demands the replacement of G/B Governor

The new Governor of Gilgit/Baltistan should be replaced by the Governor who is the son of soil and acceptable to the all political parties in the interest of the forthcoming elections of the Legislative Assembly in the region, said Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, Secretary General PPP Central Punjab in a statement issued from here today.

He maintained that the appointment of the incumbent Governor was unconstitutional because after the 18th amendment in the constitution the Governor has to be from the region. Pir Karim Shah, the outgoing Governor, is right in his contention to challenge the appointment of the Governor in the Apex Court, he added.

He said that the previous government of PPP earned the distinction of giving the region the special status with its own representative government to run the affairs of the region instead of being ruled by the federal government through a middle order civil servant sitting the Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.

He recalled that the PPP Government through an Ordinance in 2009 gave the region identity to be called as Gilgit/ Baltistan instead of Northern Areas of Pakistan. No one can be allowed to roll back the autonomy given to the region under the Ordinance, he asserted.

He regretted that the appointment of the Governor would strengthen the impression of the people of the region being denied their legitimate rights by the federal government adding rights once granted cannot be denied was the fundamental principle accepted all over the world. The contemplation of the government to follow the narrative of concentration of power instead of devolution of power would backfire in the face of the ground realities in the country, he observed.

He pointed out that all the major parties had rejected the new appointment describing it as the pre-poll rigging adding the government was better advised to review its decision and make a room for a new Governor hailing from G/B. The rigging allegations in the G/B will aggravate the political tension that has already vitiated the environment to the level of political stalemate, he observed.

He observed that the appointment of new Governor after consultation with other political parties would be welcomed by all as good thinking necessary to promote political understanding and unity among the stakeholders.

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