Drone attacks are counterproductive: Munir Ahmad Khan

Lahore- Central Leader of PPP Munir Ahmad Khan said that way out of drone strikes are need of today. President rightly expressed his view before the US delegation. As soon as US will realize it will be better for both countries. Talking to media PPP Leader said that drone attacks are counterproductive causing great damage at popular level and there is urgent need to find a way out.
Munir Ahmad Khan underscored the sacrifices Pakistan had made in the fight against militancy and said that there was a need for acknowledging and appreciating these sacrifices adding that blame game did not serve the common purpose of defeating militants.
“Terrorism is a global issue and efforts should be made at global and international levels to eradicate it,” he said.
He said Pakistan’s armed forces were doing a heroic job despite odds but, stretched as they were in the tribal areas, they needed to be assisted with resources for long-term and sustained counter-terrorism operations.
PPP Central Leader said that bilateral ties between Pakistan and the US were multifaceted and it would not be unfair to see them through one prism only, be that Afghanistan or any other.
He said that Pakistan valued its multifaceted relationship with the US and stressed the need to build on the current momentum in their relations.
Munir appreciated the efforts made by the US and President Zardari regarding meeting of working groups of the two countries on counter terrorism and law enforcement, energy, economy & finance, defence and security, strategic stability and non-proliferation.He said that the gains made in these meetings needed to be further consolidated and built upon. Munir Khan said that it will be good if there will be early convening of the meeting of working group on water as well.
PPP Central Leader Munir Ahmad Khan praised President Zardari for focusing the real issues before US delegation like trade and commerce ties between the two countries. President Zardari rightly pointed out before the US delegation that Pakistan looked forward to increased trade through market access instead of aid. Munir said that PPP government also wanted increased US investment in Pakistan in energy, agri and livestock sectors.
He said that due to the country’s water and energy needs, Pakistan had started the Diamer Bhasha Dam project and therefore for US and international assistance are very important in the completion of Pakistan’s energy projects to meet its growing power needs.
“The Bhasha Dam held the promise of signature American investment in Pakistan and a visible and long-term legacy of Pakistan-US bilateral cooperation.

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