PYO Punjab president Rana Farrukh Mehmood suspended Tariq Khattak as Info Sec PYO Punjab

Rana Farukh Mehmood, President Peoples Youth organization (PYO) Punjab has suspended Tariq khattak as a information secretary PYO Punjab. The notification of Tariq Khattak’s suspension has been issued.
The PYO Punjab president has also summoned Tariq Khattak to explain his position for allegedly running a “malicious and mala fide campaign” against the PPP Punjab leadership. It is an allegation against Tariq Khattak that he has been found involved in a negative campaign against the PPP Punjab organization and leadership. According to the notification issued by the PYO Punjab president Rana Farrukh Mehmood, Tariq Khattak has not allowed to work and take part in any of the activity of the PYO Punjab unless proved innocent.

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