PPP lambastes Imran on terming journalist fraternity as blackmailer

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has condemned Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan for his senseless allegations on media in which he declared them as ‘Blackmailer”. PPP Media Cell In-charge Senator Saeed Ghani and PPP Sindh chapter information secretary Waqar Mehdi in a joint statement said that Imran Khan had become popular as leader only because of media, which kept him in limelight especially during his devastating sit-in politics at the behest of some third umpire or else his ‘Dharna’ scheme would have died in the very first hour.
They said Imran Khan was not a politician from any aspect and hence he seriously lacked regard for any national institution including the judiciary, election commission, political leaders and the working
He felt no ethical restrictions prior to uttering anything from his mouth due to which the speculations were now being taken as true piece of information that Imran Khan had seldom been in his senses.
The PPP leaders asked Imran Khan to immediately tender apology to thousands of working journalist he had held as blackmailer failing which PPP would be at the fore front of prot4est from journalists fraternity and would also raise the issue on all democratic forums.

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