A tribute to a political genius: Asif Ali #Zardari‏ -by Zemal Khan

In very deep troubles when PPP was overthrown, Z.A BHUTTO considered it a political stunt & showed no flexibilty, he was hanged.
So many years after his Judicial assassination, his daughter was a mere shadow that never irritated Zia & co.
She was married to a person who was well known for his great presence of mind. Many Anti PPP’s made a plan to spoil his character while forgetting about Benazir Bhutto, but he never lost his mind, inspite of 11 years imprisonment.
According to some PPP persons, he never interrupted Benazir Bhutto in her decisions which she considered suitable according to her, but guided B.B in most difficult times.
The decision to keep Zardari out of major party decisions was a decision made by Zardari himself. He never wanted that party persons should criticize B.B of favourtism to her husband.
It is a fact she wasn’t strong enough to lead a country like Pakistan with tenures of 1.5 & 2.5 years respectively.
It was Zardari whose advises took such long 5 year tenure.
He was accused regarding swiss accounts & was jailed for 3 years, he was accused again for swiss cases & jailed for 8 more years, he was free by NRO which was a publicly issued deal not a secret deal that the anti PPPs speak now, the judges & most opponents show us that he will escape regarding these cases ,while the history shows he never
escaped in tough times.
Zardari is a great fighter & been made for hard times, he uses all the scenario since ’77 & applies it in the New Era i.e 21st century, he knows all the ups & downs in politics, he fully understood his weaknesses and Capabilities, he astonishes his opponents through date to date upsets, he neither underestimates his opponents nor he loses self confidence the nature gifted him, he took revenge with a new fashion i.e. no war,just mind game.
He forgives all who made him imprisoned & looks forward for a new Pakistan, he reconciles,he shakes hands,he smiles,he forgets.
What faults we made in last decades,he corrects all those through his magnificent talent, he gives power to the Parliament,he gives power to the Provinces, he gives power to the poor people of Pakistan, provides support to them economically through BISP, he removes hatred in politics, he gives identity to all representatives of the specific region, he gives strength to journalists, gives independence to judiciary, he restores the respect of our Army, he never credited himself for all this, infact he is the weakest President constitutionally,but seems to proving most strong leader in the history of Pakistan.
Hats off
Jeay Zardari,,,,sada Jeay

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں