Jahanara M Wattoo condemns Punjab Police brutal baton charge on young nurses

Jahanara M wattoo, a provincial leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and in-charge PPP social media wing Punjab condemned the police baton-charge on young nurses during a protest in Lahore.
In a message on twitter, she said “Wid hundreds of nurses n civil society ppl in lhr. d brutal killing of nurse and arrests,rape,suicide of Amina. Shame on you Punjab Police.
The incident has sparked a sharp criticism of the provincial government of Punjab and the Punjab police who were seen ruthlessly beating young nurses protesters in Lahore.
“The baton charge on young nurses who were demanding rights was seriously a shameful act. The provincial government of Punjab should look into this matter seriously,” said Jahanara.
While talking to protesting nurses in front of the Punjab Assembly, Ms Jahanara Wattoo said:
“The manner in which such violent behavior was shown towards young nurses/women, who were also baton-charged, I am really not ashamed to say that in the province ruled by police, the police also has resorted to hooliganism, and Punjab province has become police state”.
She said that protest is the democratic right of every citizen, adding that this is a very condemnable incident. She said that Pakistan Peoples Party believed in democratic norms including right to peaceful protest but Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s Punjab government is following the policies and the attitude of dictators.
Ms Jahanara also has said the PPP will stand with young nurses of Punjab and fight for their legitimate human rights.
The incident has led to a boycott by the nurses of Ganga Ram Hospital and Mayo Hospital.

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