Asif Zardari Bullied Time Again!!

By Momo Khan
Main emphasis has been laid in bringing forth the realities related to media’s constant and unabashed targeting on PPP’s off late; much has been poured out in order to squeeze the potentials of the largest political party of the country. Time and again, propaganda is made and designed to sideline or out shine PPP. The major reasons to analyse this issue is to create an ambiance where unbiased interpretations prevail. The masses should be provided with an accurate study with all the collections, which highlight the facts that have been said in order to weaken the reconciliation policy of People’s Party.
We have often come across incidents such as talk shows or print media where every act of PPP has been scanned and put under the premise of accusations. Although it looks difficult to keep the sprawling issues at short leash, but much can be added in order to clarify the agendas of most targeted political party of the country. The working spirit of the party aims at bringing benefits to the nation , but it is showcased and framed in a way that pin points the shortcoming and hindrances only.
Ever since the emergence of PPP, it has been part of many ups and downs, but the strengths have grown by leaps and bounds. It has seen many turbulent phases but even the most trivial scenarios could not move it from its objectives. Today, with the mushrooming of technology and sprawling of media tentacles, a lot is being done to extirpate the exuberant force of PPP. We have often come across how the energies of opposition fraction are converted into petty way to hover each and every move of People’s Party. The main objective is to provide a look that allows the masses to think regarding biased pinching to the PPP.
Why only PPP does have to stand accountable? Why only the leaders and members of PPP are accused? Reasons must be provided for this rigorous check on its working. If we look around, many times we come across allegations which are fabricated, biased, exaggerated and re-framed Masses should be provided with the other side of the picture, a thinking soul must be activated which can differ between right and wrong. Keenness for the details should be allowed among the masses that why every time PPP tops the hit list by our media and opposition.
There should be a purpose to counter media for consistency in targeting left, right and center. They should develop precocious approach in developing healthy criticism rather demoralizing the policies which merely aim at bring glory and zeal to the country. Media if at one place suffuses the reporting with criticism must also provide appreciation and acclamation for policies that are based entirely on healthy aims.
Reconciliation policy aims at bringing all together and under the flag of unity to cope and cope well against the odds of the society. This policy is designed to bind the nation with a thread of strength and potential to fight with heinous issues. The stronger we will be inside the premises of our nation the more we’ll seek the path of progression and exuberant joys.
Unfortunately, this hasn’t been taken well across the opposition, and media too has presented it in an unrealistic way. Although it was the positive aims of reconciliation policy that helped PML-N form the government in Punjab and MQM could also be part of the government to sort out the pertinent issues. Not only this but we have seen how this policy has grown wider to accomplish its goals. President of Pakistan during his trip to India extended an olive branch and laid stress on demolishing the friction among the two countries.
Past must be forgotten, and new basis must be set which will be glorious for both countries. We spend a large number of share on the security if this share of the amount is spent on issues such as health, education and energy then countries will flourish and compete with the rest of the world. Reconciliation policy was diffused to bring laurels, it is an endless effort to soak the dried walls among the people, and all oppositions should work together and aim at bringing exuberant joy to the nation.
Media describes that the government never hesitates to create blunders. PPP is not letting the free practicing of the judiciary and killing the spirits of its people. During the planned long march, government took all measures as not to let it happen. It blocked all routes that reach Islamabad because people believe that the success of a long march will make Pakistan an ideal state – a state that Jinnah dreamt of. PPP has failed time and again, and it stopped the long march to avoid further embarrassment. It calls Zardari a bull in a china shop for the display of unbelievable stance. Sharifs and others consider Zardari a non-trustable man and he is in huge danger after he tickled the hornet of judiciary lately.
The run-rate being increased in order to target the policies of PPP should be set off. The biased targeting of media on each and everything and putting accountable only to PPP’s leaders must be told and slowed down. Every criticism is welcomed if it’s of a healthy nature. Moreover, this analysis will also be widely beneficial for PPP itself where it can look deep into the areas which were rigorously bombarded and embarked by the set of oppositions and the role of media in this regard. It will embed a wave to acknowledge and will damper the biased nature of enmity against PPP. The aims of reconciliation policy and its benefits will reach out to every group of people. It should be the decision of the larger group of people to support or demolish this policy and agendas of the People’s Party.
The policy of reconciliation must not be perceived as a weakness of people’s party, but it is developed for the consolidation of democracy, and it’s all being done in the “best interest of the nation”.
Source: Muslim Academy

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