Govt laxity behind child abuse: Mian Manzoor Wattoo @MManzoorWattoo

PAKISTAN People’s Party Punjab President Manzoor Wattoo said the surge in heinous crime especially child abuse was reflective of slackness on part of the Punjab government in controlling lawlessness and arresting the criminals.
In a statement Monday, he said the Punjab government’s top functionaries while confessing the rise in such crimes in the province were simply resorting to platitudes instead of forming a holistic policy to deal with the worsening law and order.
He pointed out that after the incidents of Muzaffargarh and Chiniot, similar occurrences of barbarity against women in Faisalabad and Okara revealed the government’s failure to contain such abhorrent crimes. He advised the government to fix their priorities right, adding that instead of running after the showpiece projects the maintenance of law and order should be the top priority because insecurity among the people dampened the prospects of their upward social mobility in the real sense. He cited the example of Jati Umra, when the Punjab government sprang into action leading to suspension of a number of police officials because a cat had killed a peacock on the residential premises of the prime minister. But regretfully the undermining of the respect and dignity of the poor people by criminals was not considered as enough reason to take action against offender.
He expressed his dismay over the apathy of the Punjab government as the criminals had unleashed the wave of crimes without the fear of legal consequences. He said the personnel of the law enforcement agencies were kept engaged to perform VVIP duties of providing them security at the cost of all and sundry adding such discrimination was unforgiving against the tax payers. He said the killing of two police inspectors was a bitter reminder of the tardiness of the government that seemed to have lost the political will to bring the culprits in the dock for exemplary punishment.

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