Bilawal Bhutto Zardari @BBhuttoZardari – A born leader -by Akram Shaheedi

The following is the original article as written by Akram Shaheedi:
Speaking out his heart and mind ‘with full throated ease’ on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of his grand father Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s speech was an event epitomizing seeing is believing. He was eloquently expressive in form and moving, communicating with the people of Pakistan on monolithic national issues predicting plausible bearings on the future of the country in the domains of security, politics and foreign relations. His seamless speech on serious issues was heart warming and the message was opening the doors to the hearts of the people to stay there to nurture enlightened thinking worthy of becoming Pakistan ’s citizenry. Charisma of Bhuttos’ was abundantly visible in his persona swaying right across the country as people were convinced from today that Providence has cut out him for a special role in this country now facing the existential threat within. His public oratory was exceptionally superb and use of Urdu diction perfectly represented the mood of the speech which was synchronizing with the heartbeat of the audiences. Even his political opponents, who possess a degree of sense of propriety, must be convinced that he is a born leader.

Clarity and courage is thy name of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who would dare call spade a spade no matter how bitter it may be, and mincing of words to subterfuge reality is alien to him like great leaders. In his knowledge based opinion based on his own empirical investigation, these are the times to take clear stand on issues because the nation has been starving for clarity while the retrogressive forces are sparing no stone unturned to keep the nation divided for the culmination of their insidious designs—the subjugation of the Pakistani people and the state. Their crafty maneuverings have so far carried the day because the whole nation is not on the same page and enemies of the country have been resultantly staining their hands with the fresh blood of Pakistanis almost on daily basis. Their hoodwinking of the part of country’s political leadership is responsible for the loss of life and property and it will continue unabated till their realization of the inevitability of the pursuit as an exercise in futility. All Pakistani wish and prey for their earlier denouement so the nation get united to defeat the evil that is responsible for wasting its precious years and energy that would have been well spent for the nation building process–a strong Pakistan, a prosperous Pakistan, a democratic Pakistan with people as the ultimate stakeholders. That Pakistan would have been the dream come true of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. That Pakistan would have been the handsome tribute to the fathers of nation explicitly implying Pakistanis were worthy of the trust. But, the enemy then who opposed the creation Pakistan and now their progeny are determined to rock the boat. Fortunately, the democratic leadership of today is well aware of their designs and will surely succeed in steering the ship of Pakistan out of the tempest. Bhutto Khappay.

Bilawal Bhutto is crystal clear as how to deal with the mindset that is skewed up beyond redemption. Terrorist and extremist’s obstinacy is limitless because their hearts and minds are locked to reason and common sense and are therefore not prone to civility and proportion . They must be confronted head on failing which they will shoot you from the hip, the tactic they are notorious for. Force is the only language they understand because time and again the policy of appeasement had proved not only counter-productive but also disastrous for the appeasers who tried to tread on the beaten tracks again and again. The results cannot be different this time as well. An appeaser is like one who feed the crocodile with the hope to gain time but evil will ambush him sooner than later. The misplaced expectation of bonhomie is nothing more than self-deception and pinning hope to lengthen the lease of life but the end is bound to be no different than the Greek tragedy after the climax. Bilawal Bhutto rightly observed,’ do not ask the way out from maniacs because they are totally blind and will push you to the hell of darkness along with them. Adding we need light showing the path out of the hell inflicted on the people of Pakistan by terrorists’ Whosoever, gives a piece of advice of sapping with devil does not know the ‘dance of death’ Such poor judgments are unforgiving and the consequences equally deleterious, make no mistake.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also warned the Punjab Government for its tardiness, if not winking at, of not taking action against the terrorist organizations who have safe havens there and the truce at the expense of peace and security of other federating units is going to deeply hurt the cause of federation and inter-provincial relations including the province of Punjab at the end of the day. The faint denial of the PML(N) of the presence of safe havens of terrorist organizations is not tenable because a number of books written by well reputed writers have quoted irrefutable evidence regarding the basis of sectarians terrorist organizations in the province. One of the Minister of the Punjab Cabinet is well known for his close affiliations with terrorist organizations and his services were used by the PML(N) top leaders to win the elections. The big rally of these organizations on March23, 2014 in Lahore and other cities of the province piled up contradictions on the face of PML (N) with spikes of tacit endorsement. But they should understand the tale of Frankenstein whose ultimate victim was his patron. Chicken always comes home to roost

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also expressed his acute sense of concern over the Gift of dollars 1.5 billion dollars pinpointing government’s intention to burn the other fingers of the nation in a proxy war in the Middle East . His concerns are well placed when studied in the context of joint statement issued at the conclusion of the latest visit of the Saudi Crown Prince. The statement said,’ both the countries agreed to the interim set up in Syria ’. The government has denied the possibility of such direct involvement in Syria but the joint statement explicitly implied that Pakistan favoured the change of government in Syria . This is dangerous because it will trigger sectarianism in Pakistan in its worst form because the war in Syria with the support of Saudi Arabia will be war between two sects of Muslim, Sunni and Shia. Iran ’s declared support for Syrian incumbent government will put us in a nutcracker situation having the potential of jeopardizing our national security interests because Iran is our immediate neighbour with overwhelmingly Shia population. Our relations with Iran are already under strain and our taking position on Syria will make Iran as our enemy at the door step which Pakistan cannot afford as our relations with other neighbouring countries are victim of prevailing acute trust deficit. Our interference, open or clandestine, will also be flagrant violation of the UN Charter that prohibits interference in internal affairs of other countries. Pakistan is not in the business of changing governments of other countries, former Secretary of Foreign Minister, Mr. Riaz Ahmed Khan said while replying to a question of a journalist in Washington . Pakistan should not only follow this as a guiding principle but also be seen following it without an iota of doubt.

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