#PPP to throw full weight behind democracy: @MManzoorWattoo

The worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship, said Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President PPP Punjab, in a statement issued from here today. Democracy and empowerment of the people are quite in harmony with the political philosophy and the vision of the founding fathers of PPP and therefore it is sacrosanct for us, he added.

He deplored the politics of PML (N) and its government in the past because at the end of the day it ended in the dissolution of assemblies or imposition of martial law despite their overwhelming majority in the respective assemblies. He added that it seemed that the Party leadership had not learnt from the past mistakes judging from their style of politics of today which was based on exclusiveness.

He pointed out that on the contrary the PPP completed the constitutional tenure of five years despite the fact that its previous government was a coalition government that had its vulnerable dynamics.

He said that due to the policy of reconciliation based on equanimity and sagacity of the former President Asif Ali Zardari that led to the peaceful transfer of power from one government to another government. Those were the defining moments of the political history of the country because it was the first time that such a remarkable political development took place in this country.

He made it clear that the Pakistan People’s Party would throw its full weight behind democracy to save it if found in danger from the anti-democratic forces because the Party and its leadership had rendered countless services for its cause and nurtured it with their blood and therefore non- negotiable.

He said that democracy was the only way out to ensure Pakistan’s survival, prosperity and integrity beyond any shadow of doubt.

He asked the government of the PML (N) and its leadership to desist from challenging armed forces because of its being counterproductive in the face of declared institutional commitment for democracy. He appreciated the sacrifices of the army in fighting terrorism and extremism in the country.

He said that the policy of reconciliation was the best policy and therefore should be followed in letter and spirit in the interest of the continuity of the democratic process and must avoid exposing it to unnecessary perils.

He called upon the leadership to dissuade their stalwarts of issuing provocative statements by way of overreacting and instead focus on solving the problems of the people who had started questioning the ability of the government to extricate them from the crisis situation the country was in.

He said that all the institutions should work within the ambit of the constitution based on tricotmy of powers and the temptation of stepping in the domains of other should be resolutely resisted in the supreme interest of the continuity of the democratic process.

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