Shahbaz Sharif wasted Rs 2,500 billion in five years: Tanveer Kaira

Former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif wasted Rs 2,500 billion on unsustainable projects during his five year rule and miserably failed to deliver in the province and solve any of the problems of the people, Secretary General Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) Punjab, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, said.
Kaira, a former Finance Minister in Sharif’s cabinet, said Punjab received more than Rs 500 billion as grant from the Federal government every year, but Shahbaz government wasted billions of rupees on self-serving schemes like ‘Tandoors’ laptop schemes, Danish schools, Ashiana Housing Scheme and Metro bus etc.
He said that seeking cheap publicity, Shahbaz spent huge funds on roads, bridges and under-passes of Lahore and ignored other 34 districts of the province that created an acute sense of deprivation among the masses. He said contrary to the claims of good governance and democratic culture Shahbaz Sharif did nothing for the uplift of the people and social welfare in the province during the past five years, and ironically, PML-N is now claiming that it will change Pakistan.
He said that nothing had changed in Punjab, innocent children were dying in hospitals by measles and schools had no teachers and other facilities. “The entire development in Punjab can only be seen in the advertisement to deceive the people,” he added.
President, PPPP Punjab, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, also lashed out at Shahbaz Sharif, accusing him of living a luxurious life at the expense of the taxpayers. The Election Commission of Pakistan had taken notice of the deployment of 761 personnel on the security of the Sharif family, costing the public exchequer Rs 20 million per month.
Wattoo said the Sharifs were wilful defaulters of Rs 3.48 billion in Hudabiya Paper Mills case, which was evident from the confessional statement of Ishaq Dar who also testified in the same statement that they were involved in money laundering as well.

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