Mian Manzoor #Wattoo demands release of non-combatants in Taliban’s custody

Mian Manzoor Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has deplored the conduct of the government for not taking up effectively with Tehrik-i- Taliban the fate of the non-combatants in Taliban’s custody while releasing more than dozen people who were in the custody of security agencies. He said this in a statement issued here from the Party Secretariat.

While endorsing and appreciation the possible release of more such category people, he also demanded that the government should put across forcefully the release of same category people in Taliban’s custody which included the son of former Prime Minister son Ali Haider Gilani, Sahbaz Taseer, VC of the Peshawar University and other non- combatants. This reciprocation will further improve the atmosphere of the negotiations with these confidence building measures.

He said that the PPP was supporting the dialogue process in pursuance of the All Parties Conference that authorized the government to give peace another chance in order to bring peace in the country so that people could lead their lives in an atmosphere of peace and security which had become rarity in the country for the last more than ten years in particular.

He said that the impression that the PPP was against the dialogue process was highly misplaced because it had been supporting the process in apropos of the All Parties Conference. However, the Party wanted the negotiations should be conducted on fast track basis to arrive at the logical conclusion sooner than later.

He said that the nation would get embroiled in the pall of dismay if the negotiation process between the government and the TTP continued for a longer period of time causing inordinate delay adding that procrastination would be perceived as an exercise in futility for the government and tactical/ strategic victory for the militants.

He added that the PPP was not in favour of open ended support for the negotiations adding that the people should be extricated from this confusion as early as possible.

He observed with satisfaction that the nation had the appetite to defeat the scourge of extremism and terrorism regardless the number of sacrifices it had to offer. The PPP will play its role to nullify the impact of the evil because its political philosophy firmly believed in the plurality of Pakistani society as exclusiveness was alien to its thinking.

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