Tanvir Ashraf Kaira urges govt to restore to restore subsidy on wheat for Gilgit and Baltistan

Secretary General Pakistan People’s Party, Punjab, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has called upon the federal government to restore the wheat subsidy to the people of Gilgit/Balitistan and thus dispel the impression that is becoming increasingly popular that this is a government of the capitalists by the capitalists and for the capitalists.

He said that the Gilgit/ Baltistan government had been facing the tough resistance from the people who had resorted to sit-in for the last many days in front of the Secretariat.

He maintained that the wheat subsidy to the people of the region was absolutely critical for the lease of their life because they could not afford to buy expensive staple food due to the wide spread abject poverty.

He added that the PPP previous government never even thought of such anti-poor steps and continued the subsidy throughout its period so that the poor could maintain the subsistence level.

He pointed out that the government’s generosity towards elite had no limit as it had awarded more than three hundred billions rupees exemption in duties and taxes through various SROs to the crony capitalists adding as why the government was so parsimonious towards marginalized as it was contemplating to starve the poorest of the poor.

He expressed his utter dismay over the faint ignorance of the Minister for State and frontier Regions who maintained that wheat subsidy was not the subject of the federal government.

Mr. Kaira assured the people of Gilgit/Baltistan that the Pakistan People’s Party was with them in difficult times and fully supported their legitimate demand and would keep on pressing the government to alleviate them from the ordeal sooner than later. It is a humanitarian because as well and undermining it is equally inhuman, he observed.

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