Mian Manzoor Wattoo welcomes MQM’s decision to join Sindh govt

Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has welcomed the joining of the MQM in the Sindh government that will undoubtedly bode well for the province of the Sindh in particular and for the country in general.
He further said that it was also amounted to vindication of the policy of reconciliation that was perfect prescription for the health of democracy and offered solution of all the political ills of the country. In its absence the political wheels turn in reverse gear to create chaotic conditions in a society shaking its foundation, he added.
He expressed his full confidence that the two parties, PPP and MQM, would play their role and assert the political unity to bring qualitative change in the province by improving the living conditions.
The joining of the MQM in the Sindh government would also bring political support for the government so important to make the province center of peace, security and tolerance.
He maintained that the political confrontation had always hurt the political process in the country adding that we should promote the culture of understanding and accommodation because intransigence cut into the vitals of the democratic dispensation and tend to divide the society against itself.
He recalled that the PPP previous government had followed the policy of reconciliation and its dividends were evident as the government completed the constitutional term and transferred power to the new government without hustle, first time in the political history of the country.
He pointed out that during the five years of the PPP government i38 bills were introduced in the Parliament and about 98% were adopted unanimously because the government took the opposition on board prior to initiating the legislative process. The 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st amendments in the constitution were brought unanimously despite the fact that the Pakistan People’s Party was heading a coalition government.
He said that on the contrary the present government was struggling to push through the Pakistan Protection Ordinance without taking the opposition on board and the legitimate resistance from the opposition parties to the PPO had stalled the progress in this regard.
He called upon the government to jettison the habit of solo flight for the sake of undue credit and instead should develop the knack for sharing the credit.
Democracy is a way of life based on taking along all the political forces as bulldozing is anathema to it the mandarins should understand it thoroughly, he suggested.

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