Government should resolve load-shedding issue: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

Pakistani people continue to face the agonizing load shedding of electricity from 12 to 16 hours at the commencement of the summer season and are terrified as what will happen during the peak of the season, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, in a statement issued here today.
He expressed his astonishment over the Prime Minister’s statement at occasion of the inauguration of Power Plant today in which he said that it would be endeavor of his government to control load shedding to a great extent during the next three years.
He reminded the public statement of Punjab Chief Minister who boasted that he would finish load shedding within three months and if he failed to do so he would prefer to change his name. It is the time for him to honor his commitment because not to speak of controlling load shedding it has increased instead, he pointed out
He expressed his deep regrets over the hurling of shoe at the Punjab Chief Minister yesterday adding it should not be taken as an isolated incident and should be perceived as a warning shot.
Such incidents may occur in quick frequency in the future in case the government defaults in fulfilling the promises made during the election campaign of May 2013 Elections, he observed.
He called upon the government to take emergent measures to cope with the fast approaching alarming situation failing which the credibility of the government would be hurt to the hilt leading to incremental reduction of its popularity to the extent of needle point.
He pointed out that the textile industry had been clamoring for supply of electricity because without it the GSP Plus facility of the European Union would become of no consequence.
All Pakistan Textile Association is up in tailspin situation and is reportedly actively considering taking extreme steps in the shape of closing down their units because excessive load shedding has been causing overhead charges unbearable and therefore it has become victim of cut-throat competition in the international market, he stated.
The realization of the full potential of the textile industry holds the key for making the turnaround in the economy because of its major share in the contribution of the GDP, he opined.
The spinning of the wheels of the textile industry giving optimum productivity is going to serve the people in more than one ways and its accumulative positive impact cannot be underestimated, he said.
The textile industry provides jobs to millions of people in cities like Karachi Lahore, Faisalabad and other urban centers not to speak of the booming fashion industry in the country, he observed.
The impeding of the wheels of the textile industry will lead to same number of redundancies and its negatives will outnumber the positives in big proportion and imagining its blowback on social fabric is terrifying, he concluded.


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