Sharifs would be sent to island of political redundancy: Mian Manzoor Ahmad #Wattoo @MManzoorWattoo

Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo, PPP president of Punjab, said, the level of seriousness of Shahbaz Sharif can be judged from the fact that first he announced that he would end load shedding in six months, then in one year, in two years and now in three years. He seems to be suffering from short memory and a politician with this kind of frame of mind could cause havoc for the people and the country, he cautioned.
He said that Shahbaz Sharif’s claim to end load shedding in the country was as hallow as a drum and will disappear in the thin air after the elections.
Main ManzoorWattoo said that Shahbaz Sharif presumed that the people of Pakistan were non-entity and could be misled easily by making false promises. He is indeed holding the string from the wrong side and the people of Pakistan will prove so on May 11.
He pointed out that Nawaz Sharif and General Musharraf were responsible for the load shedding in the country because both of them did not add a single mw during their 26 years of rule beginning from 1996 to 2008.
Instead, Nawaz Sharif cancelled all the agreements that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto concluded with the international investors to produce 24000 mw electricity in the country. It shook the confidence of the international investors when the news broke out that the investors had to take shelter in the consulate buildings to escape their arrest ordered by the Nawaz Sharif Administration, he pointed out.
He said that the people of Pakistan knew their shedding of crocodile tears and would pay them back in the same spirit on May 11 when Sharifs would face the electoral debacle measuring up to people’s startling resentment.
He recalled that ShaheedZulfiqar Ali Bhutto also signed an agreement with France on Nuclear Re-processing plant with 2200 mw capacity but Nawaz Sharif’s mentor, Zia –ul-Haq, rescinded it depriving the people of Pakistan to the availability of the cheapest electricity and much needed advanced technology.
Following the footsteps, he cancelled all the agreements signed during the premiership of Shaheed Mohtrama meant to produce enough electricity in the country to meet the requirements of industrial and domestic sectors for many decades to come, he said.
He said that previous PPP democratic government had taken another significant stride to overcome energy crisis when it inaugurated Pakistan –Iran Gas Pipeline Project which offered quickest solution because the gas would start flowing by the end of 2014, enough to generate 50000 mw of electricity. It will definitely help in overcoming the gap between demand and supply to a great degree, he predicted.
He said that Sharifs’ dream of entering into the corridors of power by hook or crook would never come true because the people of Pakistan, the media and the civil society were well aware of their credentials and therefor would not repose their confidence in them on May 11. They will be pushed by the people to the island of political redundancy, he concluded.

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