PPP would not allow capitalist govt of PML N to vandalize workers’ interests: Jahanara Wattoo


Ms. Jahanara M Wattoo, a provincial leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and head of PPP social media wing Punjab has asked the government in his message for the International Workers’ Day, to refrain from privatising the state enterprises and sabotage workers’ interests.

She said the PPP would resist privatisation as it was against the interests of the workers and poor working class. And would not allow industrialist government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz to vandalize the interests of workers and labourers.

She opposed the PMLN government’s ongoing efforts to further privatize the national institutions at throw-away prices to friends and family and vowed to defend the workers and labourers’ rights at any cost.

She urged the government to ensure employee welfare and safeguard their rights as workers are vital and obligatory to national and social development. Their benefaction determines the prosperity of a nation.

She said the party will always with workers and support them in their fight against downsizing and retrenchment in the name of privatisation.

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