Jahanara Wattoo’s message on World Press Freedom Day

Ms. Jahanara M Wattoo, a provincial leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and head of PPP social media wing Punjab has said on Press Freedom Day, Democracy and free media are co-related; democracy is impossible without an independent media, and free media is impossible without democracy.

She said Quiad e Awam Shaheed Zukifiqar Ali Bhutto, for the first time in Pakistan’s history succeeded in achieving broad based national consensus for the 1973 constitution,through this for the first time fundamental human rights incorporated in constitution. Through Article 19 of the constitution, freedom of expression was guaranteed and legal cover was provided for public speeches and independent publication. These great measure injected new life into independent media.

She said during the party’s governments huge developments were made in communication and media sector. The PPP governments had taken many bold steps to liberalize the country’s media industry. It was the PPP government that abolished the emergency Pemra Law 2007. The PPP believed in free media and always stand with its freedom and independence.

On this World Press Freedom Day, I call on governments, civil society groups, media organizations and different segment of groups to actively defend the freedom of expression and independent media as vital elements in achieving the country’s development, she added.

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