Minister’s confession exposes govt credibility: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

The confession of the Minister for Water and Power regarding the non-availability of relief in load shedding to the people during this summer has exposed the credibility of the government to the bone, said Mian Manzoor Wattooo, President PPP Punjab in a statement issued here today from the Party Secretariat.
He reminded them of their tall promises of managing the load shedding in months not even years but the agonizing long hours of load shedding explode in the face of their promises those were made just to get the votes from the electorates by hook or crook.
He maintained that the government had proved so far as an utter disappointment for the people because their mismanagement cobbled with utter confusion was responsible for the miseries the people had been subject to at present.
He said that the protest against electricity outages right across the country was enough proof of the inaptness of the government that could not be hidden behind the smokescreen of sponsored surveys.
While comparing the period of the PPP previous government, Mr. Wattoo said that the people have forgotten that load shedding as the ongoing load shedding was far more torturous due to longer period of time.
He said that the PPP managed the load shedding by managing the three hours uninterrupted supply of electricity to irrigation tube wells as top priority during the night times, while second priority was industry and the then the domestic consumers.
The PPP government managed the supply of electricity keeping in view the requirements of each sector within the context of the imperatives of the national economy and comforts of the people.
He pointed out that the situation now had gone from bad to worse because the people are facing unscheduled load shedding which was double jeopardy as they were not getting electricity in the first place and secondly they were not sure how much time the supply would last.
He said that Indians were also facing load shedding but they had managed it, and resultantly we did not see hue and cry over it as the people had the confidence in the fair distribution of the available supply of electricity.
He criticized the government that after the lapse of almost one year were telling the people that they had to face the load shedding even longer period of time this summer. Where is Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, who boasted that he would end load shedding within three months failing which he would prefer to change his name, he asked.
They blatantly lied to the people to get their votes but now they must face the wrath of the people who are increasingly getting frustrated with their pro- capitalists and anti-people policies.
This government is by the capitalists, of the capitalists and for the capitalists, Mian Manzoor Ahned Wattoo concluded.

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