PPP rejects govt’s anti-farmers policies, says Mian Manzoor Wattoo

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President PPP Punjab, said in a statement issued here today that his Party fully supports the demands of Kissan Ittehad and rejects the anti-farmers policies of the government to import 53 agricultural produce from India.

He said that the PPP was not in favour of bringing the people to the streets because of the dangers entailed those may lead to destabilize the whole system.

He recalled that the former President Asef Ali Zardari’s leadership deserved credit for completing the constitutional term of the democratic government despite the coalition government.

He added that the PPP government not only completed the constitutional tenure but also ensured the peaceful transfer of power from one government to another government according to the best parliamentary democratic practices.

He reminded that the PPP leadership also extended unprecedented support to the incumbent democratic government by accepting the elections results last year despite allegations of rigging..

He said that not withstanding the support to the government for the sake of the continuity of the democratic process in the country the Party would oppose its anti-poor people and anti- farmer’s policy for being tyrannical at all forums

He pointed out that Indian government had been providing the farmers inputs almost four times less than the Pakistani farmers. He added that farmers across the boarder get free irrigation water, free electricity and tractors one third of the price what the Pakistani farmers get here.

He advocated that the farmers of Pakistan would not oppose the moves of the government to import agricultural produce from India if they were also provided inputs on subsidized rates equivalent to Indian farmers.

He said that he failed to understand the logic of importing maze from India when the country’s crop would be ready in Pakistan in one month. Why the government is determined to benefit the other country’s farmers at the expense of the local farmers, he asked.
04-5-2014 Wattoo

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