PTI should use parliament forum for the resolution of grievances: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President PPP, Punjab has advised the PTI leadership to use the forum of Parliament which is the best place for democratic people for the resolution of their grievances instead of opting for street politics that may damage the continuity of the democratic process in the country.
He added that the issue of allegations of election rigging levelled by PTI could be debated in the Parliament leading to the logical conclusion adding its voicefarious hurling in the streets might trigger destabilization in the country detrimental to the political system.
He observed that the multiple challenges facing the country were fraught with dangers to its security and it was imperative that national politics should be given precedence over the Party politics, at least, for some time.
He said that the country was embroiled in worst kind of extremism and terrorism cobbled with dangers on East and West borders, serious law and order situation, economy’s grappling from the brink, price hike, and unemployment were the grave challenges those were keeping the country hostage. We must not aggravate the situation with sharp political division, he added.
He reminded that democracy in the country was yet nascent and might not be strong enough to withstand the pressure generated by the politics of agitation. The democratic gains brought about over the years may go down the drain if political leadership was carried away by political rivalries, he opined.
He said that the PTI leadership should be cognizant that if any harm was inflicted to democracy in the country as a result it would not be able to escape from the responsibility of the consequences.
He pointed out that with the rocking of the boat the politics of the country would come to a dead stop and politicians of all spectrum would be facing a fate of political redundancy.
He added that the PPP had also the reservations about the credentials of the electoral results of last year election but decided to accept the results for the bigger cause which was the continuity of the democratic process.
He made it clear that the PPP’s unwavering support for democracy would continue come what may as only democracy be able to make Pakistan a strong Pakistan, a tolerant Pakistan and prosperous Pakistan in harmony with the vision of the founder of the nation.

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