Tanvir Ashraf Kaira demands 30pc raise in govt employees pay to offset the impact of the inflation

Secretary General Punjab People’s Party Tanvir Ashraf Kaira and former Finance Minister, Punjab, has criticized the present government for massive domestic and external borrowings that would prove as albatross to the government and indeed for the poor people.
He pointed out that it was their violent contradiction of their claim during election campaign that they would break the begging bowel for all times to come. They are doing the quite opposite instead that speaks fissures in their words and deeds.
He pointed out that the PPP previous government did not undertake the borrowings during its five years tenure to the extent as this government had contemplated during the first year of its tenure.
He maintained that the direct result of the borrowings would be increase in inflation hitting the poor people who were already finding it difficult to maintain the subsistence level.
He said that the fixed income group people like government servants would be hit badly and therefore the government must increase their salaries at least 30% enough to offset the impact of the inflation.
He recalled that the PPP previous government increased the salaries of the government servants up to 125% over the five years enabling them to lead a relatively comfortable life.
He regretted that the government had cut down the size of the PSDP in a bid to manage the budgetary deficit to placate the IMF as a part of the agreement concluded with them.

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