PPP is standing with govt only for the continuity of the democracy, says Mian Manzoor Wattoo

Pakistan People’s Party’s support for democracy is unwavering and the political parties contemplating to agitate the alleged election rigging last year may ponder again on their decision in the face of the dangers which could possibly inflict to the political system, said Mian Manzoor Wattoo in a press statement issued from here today.
PPP is standing with Nawaz Sharif government only for the continuity of the democracy and thus stopping the imposition of dictatorship in the country, he added.
He said that all the political leadership of the country had had put lot of capital in the system under the most inhospitable circumstances and it was incumbent upon them now to safeguard the cherished achievement and also work pro-actively to strengthen it to the level of developing it to a model political system.
He pointed out that the democratic process was slow and sometimes looked painful but these were the dynamics of the system those could not be wished away and had to tolerate these ups and downs which was the price worth paying for. But patience and commitment to the cause will definitely bear fruits to our liking on sustainable basis, he assured.
He mentioned that the PPP had the reservations about the credibility of the elections held last year but opted for the continuity of the political process in the country because the agitation at that time could have rocked the boat causing irreparable damage.
He suggested that the political leadership should prove it as worthy of democratic credentials by using the highest forum of the country, Parliament, for the resolution of the disputes having bearings on politics. Parliament is the symbol of democracy and resolving the issues in the streets will undermine its sanctity and effectiveness as the highest democratic institution, he added.
He further said that it was the responsibility of the political leadership to put their acts together in the face of serious challenges to the country posing serious existential threat to the country.
He urged the leadership of the government and the other parties to sit together to discuss the issues and formulate a workable formula to address the grievances to the satisfaction of all. This is the essence of democracy and this is how democracy functions, he observed.
The people of Pakistan expect from their leaders to forge unity at a time when the country’s destiny is at the crossroad and their infighting at this critical juncture will hurt the national cause and the likely outcome could be unforgiving, he warned.

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