Protest is democratic right, but the timing is not right as the country facing multiple challenges: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

Those who are agitating today are surely oblivious of the aftermaths of the “Doctrine of Necessity” that destroyed the people’s politics in the country, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattto, President Punjab PPP in a statement issued from here today.
He observed that that the doctrine was instrumental of inflicting despotic rule on the country at the expense of people’s aspirations.
He advised them to take into account the narrative of repeating the history which was analogous to shooting into the foot with one’s own gun.
He said that the nation had not yet recovered fully of the negative fall out of the doctrine and the agitation of today was the manifestation of the same mode by implications, and those who were opposing it were the people who could be described as struggling to keep it away from the country’s politics.
He said that the PPP’s unconditional support to the continuity of the democratic process was the decision of the Party and its support to Nawaz Sharif government stemmed from that vision of ensuring the continuity of democratic process in the country and stopping the dictatorship to revisit again.
He urged the Election Commission of Pakistan and other forums to address the complaints of the PTI in order to eliminate their justification for resorting to street politics. He fails to understand the problem of the Elections Commission in this regard, he observed.
He said that the people at large were expressing their concern as why the Election Commission and other available competent forums were not appreciating the sensitivity to verify the results of the identified four constituencies of Lahore.
He pointed out that the delay on to address the grievances of PTI during almost one year gave rise to the suspicions to the complainants that other party had some skeletons in their cupboard that they were hiding.
He suggested to the political leadership of PTI in particular accepting the invitation of the Prime Minister without taking into account the mannerism of extending such an invitation in a public meeting. The Prime Minister should have extended an invitation earlier and in manners worthy of it, he maintained
He said that peaceful protest was the democratic right of the people and there was nothing unusual about this, but the timing was not right as the country was facing multiple challenges posing existential threat.
He further said that the boarders of the country both in the East and in the West are not peaceful boarders in the sense and the situation demanded that the leadership should be on the same page to stave off such dangers. It is the prime responsibility of the leadership of the entire spectrum to realize the gravity of the situation and conduct itself accordingly.

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