Tanvir Ashraf Kaira says, govt should apologize for false promises regarding load shedding

Khawja Muhammad Asif Minister for Water and Power has got the cat out of the bag with his confession that load shedding in the country will continue till 2018, said Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, Secretary General PPP Punjab in a statement issued from the Party Secretariat here today.
He lamented the PML (N) leaders for lying to the people during the election campaign last year just to get their votes which were political dishonesty of the highest order. Their mandate had come under more pressure as a consequence.
He referred to the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s public declaration that he would control load shedding of electricity not in years but in months. His tainted and faint commitment optimized the shenanigan of politics and therefore unforgivable, he asserted.
Mr. Tanvir Ashraf Kaira said that the Punjab Chief Minister should tender unconditional apology to the people for deliberately deceiving them for the sake of political gains and his politicking deserved to be rejected with contempt.
He referred to the latest findings of the Asian Development Bank in which it is stated that the country would continue to face load shedding for another ten years.
He said that due to the energy shortage the textile sector had been badly hit and the prospects of reaping the full benefits of European Union’s facility of GSP plus remained dim.
He also disapproved Minister of State Water and Power Abid Shar Ali’s pressure tactics on the provincial governments under the pretext of recovering the outstanding dues. His bulldozing is likely to hurt the relations between the federal government and the provincial governments. He should be stopped by the Prime Minister with the instruction to resolve the issues amicably.
He called upon the government to take immediate corrective measures leading to minimum duration of load shedding of the electricity. He also urged the government that fool proof arrangements must be made to avoid unscheduled load shedding.

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