Zardari for promoting girls education, calls for purging curriculum of hate material

Islamabad May 19, 2017: A 25-member delegation of Akakheil Itehad Pakistan (AIP), a social welfare organization working in Peshawar, Karachi and Swat, led by its Chairman Haji Noor Sher Akakhail called on former President Asif Ali Zardari in Zardari House Islamabad Friday evening and pledged support to the Pakistan People’s Party.
Senator Sardar Ali Khan, Dr Qayyum Soomro, Political Secretary Rukhsana Bangash and Farhatullah Babar were also present on the occasion.
The leader of the delegation explained the social welfare activities undertaken by AIP in different areas most notably in Swat.
Talking to the delegation the former President appreciated the social and philanthropic work undertaken by them to assist in the rehabilitation of people in Swat that was ravaged by militancy in not too distant past.
Education particularly girls education is key to fighting militant mindset the former President said and urged the AIP to focus on the spread of education. Malala is an inspiring example in promoting quest for education, he said. The people of Pakistan in general and of Swat in particular are beholden to her for her struggle and sacrifice for upholding the right of girls to education.
Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar said that Zardari also called for “revisiting the curriculum” on the one hand and to encourage free enquiry, discussion and debate in academic institutions on the other. Curriculum must be purged of any hate material that promoted religious extremism and sectarianism, he said.
The delegation thanked the former President for the meeting.

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Zardari for promoting girls education, calls for purging curriculum of hate material” ایک تبصرہ

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