IPPs’ letter: Govt’s credibility suffers another setback, says Mian Manzoor Wattoo

The government’s credibility suffered another setback due to the letter written by the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to the Ministry of Water and Power handing out a warning that if their dues of Rs.300 billion rupees are not cleared soon the load shedding between 12 to 14 hours will become inevitable, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, in a statement issued here today.

He observed that the letter explode in the face of Punjab Chief Minister in particular who used to boast that he would control load shedding of electricity in months not years adding the letter after one year of the government had exposed their bravado to the bone.

He observed that the frequency of undertaking the foreign tours by the Punjab Chief Minister had become joke of the town as he spent more time in foreign countries than in the province addressing the governance issues.

He lamented the statement of the Federal Minister for Water and Power in the recent past confessing that load shedding would continue in the country till 2018 and getting rid of it earlier was not possible.

He said that the PML (N) leadership lied to the people in this account to get their votes in the general elections held last year.

He said that the claim of the government of clearing the circular debt of IPPs of about 500 billion rupees left behind by the PPP government accumulated during the five years was three times less as the same had now been accounted for Rs. 300 billion in just one year of this government.

He pointed out that in the letter the IPPs had cautioned the government of excessive load shedding because their outstanding payments had clipped their capacity to generate electricity in full capacity in the face of liquidity crunch.

He called upon the government to immediately intervene and resolve the issues sooner than later because the load shedding of 12 to 14 hours would trigger wide scale protests right across the country with perils to the democratic system.

He reiterated that the PPP and its leadership was not in the business of destabilizing the system and would leave no stone unturned in its endeavors to strengthen it instead. Its unwavering support to the system will continue to frustrate the designs of those who are contemplating to undermine it using media’s fault-line as a smoke screen, he maintained.

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