Tanvir Ashraf Kaira supports Kissan Ittehad demand of lifting inter-district ban on the movement of wheat

Secretary General Pakistan People’s Party Punjab, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, has supported the demand of the Kissan Ittehad to lift inter-district ban on the movement of wheat as its continuation is hurting the farmers badly. This he said in a statement issued from here today.

He said that the government was unable to procure the entire produce of wheat from the farmers who were in dire need of money to make payments for the purchase of inputs made earlier and also to for their compelling needs of day-to- day life.

He observed that ban on the movement of wheat deny the small farmers from their legitimate returns because the surplus wheat would be purchased either by the hoarders or by the middle man at the rates less than the support price fixed by the government.

He added that the small farmers could not afford to hold the wheat because of his dire immediate needs for money and also for lack of hording facilities.

He also pointed out that the ban was denying the availability of flour to poor people at affordable rates because the ban had created incremental gap between the demand and supply in some parts of the country.

He cautioned that the wide discrepancy in the wheat flour prices in the country would hurt the cause of the federation and indeed inter- provincial harmony.

He urged the provincial government to ensure effective enforcement to halt the smuggling of wheat to other countries. The poor people of the country should not suffer due to the loopholes in the enforcement, he maintained.
He also called upon the government of Punjab to dedicate the Ramzan Package to the deserving people because targeted subsidy should be the focus of the Ramzan Package.

He said that the Package announced by the Punjab government recently was meant for all and sundry which would make the lives of the poor miserable during the holy month of Ramzan. Its indiscriminate application will ruin the whole justification of the Package.

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