Mian Manzoor Wattoo criticises govt on purchase of BMWs amid austerity claims

Purchase of two new bullet proof BMW vehicles for the VVIP costing tax payers more the Rs.22 crores cuts across their commitment to the austerity in the face of the county’s financial straitjacket, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo President Punjab PPP, in a statement issued from here today.

He pointed out that the purchase of the vehicles optimized their life style at public expense not withstanding heart wrenching figures of 54% people of this country leading lives below the poverty line. About 30% are acutely food insecure, he pointed out.
He mentioned that the despicable aspect of this purchase was that the cabinet pool had sufficient number of bullet proof vehicles for the VVIP duties and there was no need to spend such an amount for the purpose for being unnecessary and indeed wasteful expenditure.

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo said that the people had been dying due to starvation mainly attributed to unemployment that was rampant. Load shedding had crippled the industrial sector besides making the lives of the people miserable. Such conditions are bad omen for the society and should be enough to give sleepless nights to the top functionaries of the government, he maintained.

He regretted that life style of the rulers indicated their indifference to the plight of the people who had been clamoring for help but they were told that the government had no money to provide them relief.

He pointed out that the employees of the government had been on the streets demanding increase in their salaries to offset the impact of the appalling inflation on their meager income but such demands had fallen on deaf ear of the government.

He recalled that the small farmers had threatened to resort to extreme steps like sit-in because of the anti-farmers policies of this government. Their opposition to the import of agricultural produce from India is justified because their Indian counterparts get free electricity, free diesel, cheap irrigation water, highly subsidized inputs and tractors adding the level of such facilities to Pakistani farmers are farfetched cry.

He also demanded that the government should immediately lift ban on the inter-provincial and inter-district ban on the movement of wheat because it was hurting the small farmers badly and befitting the hoarders and the middle man resultantly.

He called upon the government to tighten the enforcement to check the illegal movement of the commodity. The ban by the Punjab Government on the kosher movement of wheat is hurting the cause of inter-provincial harmony because the people of KPK are suffering.
The ban on the movement of food items is also against forthwith the constitution of Pakistan adding this willful violation of the law of the land must be circumvented, he concluded.

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