Lahore Metro Train is another discriminatory project of PMLN, says Mian Manzoor Wattoo

Punjab PPP president says Punjab govt has failed miserably in providing education, health and food to people
Punjab PPP President Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo flayed the Punjab government for what he called discriminatory development strategy.

Through a statement on Friday, Wattoo said that the metro train project was the manifestation of the same strategy. He said that the discriminatory policy would not yield results because the people living in the rest of the regions would resist.

Wattoo added that metro bus project costing 74 billion of rupees was completed with the funds allocated for health, education and providing civic amenities to the people right across the province.

He added that dialysis patients were given three months’ time in government hospitals. Mostly patients die before the expiry of three months.

He said that it was the constitutional duty of the government to provide education, health and food security to the people and the Punjab government had failed in this regard miserably. He blamed that province was under the control of dacoits and surge in heinous crimes like kidnapping for ransom, daylight robberies and rampant incidents of desecration of women have become common than exception and the people were terrified and suffering from acute sense of insecurity.

He said that the metro train and other projects would be of no worth if people’s life and property were not safe.

He demanded that the government should provide resources to the law enforcers instead of wasting huge resources on wrong priorities.

He said that the government had resorted to heavy borrowings and it had borrowed more in one year what the PPP did in five years. The government has already crossed the threshold of Fiscal Responsibility and Debt limitation Act that allows 60 percent of the GDP, he pointed out.

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