The Lahore Metro Train project is not environmentally-friendly, Punjab govt should restore LRMTS: Tanvir Ashraf Kaira

Secretary General Pakistan People’s Party , Punjab , Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has urged the Punjab government to revive the original Underground Mass Transit project for being more efficient along with heavily environment friendly. In a statement, he said that the much touted Expressway Metro Train project of the Punjab Government that it wanted to undertake was less efficient, more hazardous and also not environment friendly. He added that the project would entail a lot of dislocation of the people and would make the city of Lahore as city of bridges adding excessive construction work on the ground would overshadow the architectural beauty of the metropolis for which it was known all over the world. He added that Metro Bus Project had already led to the submerging of the city and the Expressway Train Project would an embarrassing heap on it tarnishing the aesthetic beauty of the city along with its soul. Tanvir Ashraf Kaira said that the underground Metro Mass Transit system on the other hand would not involved dislocation as huge construction work was required to be completed underground without disturbing the surroundings of the provincial capital. He added that the underground mass transit system therefore was much preferred option the world over and India had opted for this in Delhi for the same reason. He disclosed that the underground mass transit system was about to take off then as the Asian Development Bank had approved the loan of 2 billion dollars and the feasibility study was complete and the completion was planned in 2013. Had it not been dropped by the present government the people of Lahore would have been traveling in the underground train in comfort and style. He recalled that the change of government dropped the project without going into the merits; the overriding consideration for its giving up was myopic political considerations which were very unfortunate.

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