Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo demands withdrawal of cases against farmers

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has strongly criticized the government for registering cases against the farmers and has demanded that cases must be withdrawn immediately. He said this in a statement issued from the Party Secretariat here today.

He said that the government negotiations with the representatives of Kissan Ittehad proved as an exercise in futility because instead of lending sympathetic ear to farmers by the government they had been made subjected to victimization. It is not acceptable and the PPP Punjab expresses total solidarity with the farmers, he added.

He said that the Party would not lag behind in supporting the cause of the farmers of Pakistan and would extend full support to their legitimate demands.

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo called upon the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Federal Finance Minister should hold negotiations with the representatives of the farmers with open mind for the amicable resolution of their demands.

He pointed out that the farmers of Pakistan/s opposition to import agricultural produce from the neighbouring country India was not misplaced. The Indian farmers get government incentives those outsized in a big way what Pakistani farmers get, he added.

He further said that electricity for tube well was free, diesel highly subsidized, tractors were available at much cheaper rates to them, fertilizer and pesticides were substantially subsidized. Under these circumstance how Pakistani farmers could compete their Indian counterparts, he argued.

He demanded that the government should equalize the level of incentives to Pakistani farmers and thereafter import any item from India and the framers of Pakistan would not oppose any such move of the government.

In the absence of such incentives, the import of agriculture produce would be like the economic murders of the 70 % population of the country that depended directly or indirectly on agriculture sector.

The neglect of agriculture sector and its figuring out in the lower priority of government would have devastating social impact in terms of unemployment and huge exodus of rural population to urban centers choking urban services delivery mechanism.

He asked the government to focus on agriculture sector which was less capital intensive and the befits were staggering and immediate too.

He cautioned the government not to be misled by any misconception because the farmer community was united and no amount of pressure tactics or tainted practices would succeed in creating fissures in the rank and file of the farmers community.

He advised the government not to put the farmers in a tight corner that may lead them to take extreme action throughout the country creating serious law and order situation.
05-6-2014 2nd

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