Jahanara M wattoo condemns attack on #KarachiAirport and the killing of Shia pilgrims

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Jahanara M wattoo, a provincial leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and head PPP social media wing Punjab has condemned in the strongest terms the attack on country’s busiest airport in Karachi Sunday night, killing at least a dozen people and reportedly damaging five airplanes. She has also condemned deadly attack on the two hotels, near the Pakistan-Iran border where the shia pilgrims were staying for night terrorists killed at least 23 Shia Zaireen.

She called for those responsible of these reprehensible acts of terrorism to be brought to justice.

She said in a tweet: “Horrible night for all Pakistanis. They have opened war on us, let’s stop being cowards and fight them. No negotiations.”
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“23 Shia Zaireen dead in suicide attack. Karachi Airport targeted by terrorist. what a horrific state we are living in?”

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She also tweeted: “TTP accepts responsibility of Karachi Airport attack.” Dahshat gardon ka jo yaar hea, ghaddar hea, ghaddar hea”..”

“My prayers for everyone who is at Karachi airport. May Allah protect them.” she tweeted.

She also commended the Pak Army and Rangers for their effective action.

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