Present Parliament may not be entitled to bring electoral reforms: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

While commenting on the suggestion of the Prime Minister regarding the formulation of Inter- Parliamentary Committee for Electoral Reforms, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, said that the present Parliament may not be entitled to bring such reforms in the electoral process because of its increasingly emerging controversial character attributed to the allegations of wide scale rigging.  He added that there was an acute need to implement in letter and spirit the electoral reforms brought about with consensus during the previous PPP led coalition government. The allegations of rigging in the May elections by PPP, PTI and other parties are due to the non-implementation of the reforms not with the reforms themselves.
This he said in a statement issued from here today.
He further said that the historic electoral reforms were passed by the Parliament that emerged as a result of 2008 elections which were fair and impartial by any measure.  
He underscored the importance of revamping the mechanism of the implementation in such a way that nobody could raise one’s finger about the impartiality, credibility and fairness of the elections. In this regard, the Indian electoral system should be studied with a view to improve our own system.
He maintained that the suggestion of the Prime Minister was a pre-emptive move to divert the attention of the people from the real issue that was catching up the attention of the people of all spectrums at a fast scale.
He recalled that the PPP did question the authenticity of the of the May 2013 elections but decided to accept the same with the sole consideration to keep the political process intact.
He urged the Election Commission and other relevant forums to address the election complaints expeditiously so that the nation could overcome the present controversy which had been consuming a lot of energy and time of the nation and the political leadership alike.
He hoped that the recent decision of the Supreme Court and the instructions of the Election Commission of Pakistan to Election Tribunals would accelerate the process of disposal of election complaints that should have been executed after the three months of the elections as per law.
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